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Being A Gael

Sheanchas agus Scéalta “The seed of God is in us…. Now the seed of a pear tree grows into a pear tree, a hazel seed into a hazel tree, the seed of God into God.—Meister Eckhart”

Between the rational and the mystical mind. Can we know anything, absolutely. Have we lost the art of Storytelling.
I quote the storyteller Eddie Lenihan ‘We have forgotten our roots’ a bold statement from one of Ireland’s famous storytellers.
I was told recently by an Irish person, ‘the most important aspect of our identity we need to preserve in Ireland is our Irishness’. Where does our Irishness come from, it comes from the language, the myths, the music, the storytelling, and the landscape that shapes the Irish soul.
Myths are tall tales passed down from generation to generation. Gaelic mythology is important to the Gael and is ancient, one of the oldest in the world. Only when you begin to observe your own life you can make sense of the Irish gods in mythology and their stories, the natural world and our relationship to it.
Your personal mythology refers to an individual’s fundamental stories for making sense and meaning of the world. When I was in Ireland my imagination was mobilized with Irish mythology.
Ireland has the power to activate the imagination and I am grateful to this country’s myths and stories.
Storytellers like Eddie are an important part of this tradition for gathering stories. As Gaels we must continue this tradition and honor the bards.
I believe certain stories from folklore will resonate more than others and seem more important and profound, guiding us towards our best selves. The magic has not gone, enchant yourselves and your children into the marvelous world of myth and stories.
The heroic myths and sagas gave a voice to the bard, a keeper of the ancient teachings of the ancestors. Today become the bard, the Gael, escape from having our stories written for us and start writing your our own story. 


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